An immigrant herself, Djenie Danjoint is an AFSC intern working on immigrants’ rights. Her mother allowed her to leave her native Haiti in a burst of hope for better opportunities for her daughter. Having to adjust to a new country and culture has influenced Djenie’s project choice. She works with immigrant communities in Charlotte creating 2-3 minute movies that tell individual stories. “I helped to write the stories and figured out what audiences needed to know [about the immigrant experience].”

By providing a service opportunity, AFSC has allowed Djenie to learn much more about human rights and about the extraordinary hurdles to legal immigration to the United States. “Knowing about the length of the process people have to go through before they can get papers to become citizens has made me more sympathetic toward unregistered immigrants.”

In addition to her AFSC experience, Djenie has benefited from the mentorship of Lori Fernald Khamala who is the program director for the North Carolina Immigrants Rights Program. And she's working on health care and health literacy with minorities from developing countries.  Djenie helps them navigate a complex health care system and takes great satisfaction in seeing families improve their chances for healthy lives.

AFSC’s North Carolina office “specializes” in training and skill-building for area college students. In addition to Djenie, there are five other interns and volunteers who provide vital energy and enthusiasm for the organization’s work.

You can see the videos that Djenie produced on AFSC's North Carolina office's YouTube channel.