We need your help! The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is seeking a new clerk to be appointed in November 2013, and to begin service in March 2014. We are asking all of you in our Quaker and AFSC communities to help us identify candidates who can lead AFSC in the coming years. 

We seek a clerk who is spirit-led, and who can unite those of very different backgrounds and experiences. Our clerk will need excellent clerking skills and experience. She or he must be a member of the Religious Society of Friends and have been active in Friends organizations. In addition, the clerk should have AFSC governance experience, including service on a regional administrative committee, a committee of the AFSC Corporation, a Board committee, or the AFSC Board of Directors. The clerk should expect to be very busy, particularly in carrying forward a new strategic plan, and celebrating the first 100 years of AFSC.

If you have ideas about who might both meet these criteria and have interest in serving as AFSC clerk, please review the job description statement carefully and fill out the AFSC Clerk Nomination Form by August 20, 2013

We look forward to hearing from you as we search for the best candidate called to lead AFSC.

AFSC Clerk Nomination Form


The 2013 Clerk Search Committee

Dulany O. Bennett, clerk; Wendy Batson, Jim Fletcher, John Helding, Paula Rhodes, Jana Schroeder, and Hal Weaver

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