The campaign to boycott HP

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At the Bethlehem Checkpoint

Two women talk with entering the checkpoint between Bethelehm and Jerusalem.

Two women stop to talk while walking through a long encaged walkway at the entrance to the checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. 

Hewlett Packard (HP) produces the biometric ID systems used to track and control Palestinian movement. The IDs produced using HP technology are similar in nature to the passbooks produced by Polaroid during the Apartheid era and used by the Apartheid government to control the movement of Black South Africans. 

All Palestinians wishing to enter Israel, travel abroad, or engage in other activities requireing permits must apply to the Israeli military authorities for a magnetic biometric ID card. Each electronic ID card contains biometric, personal, and security information. While only a fraction of Palestinians who apply for permits actually receive them, each applicant’s information is kept and stored in a database held by the Israeli authorities. This system is used to restrict Palestinian movement across checkpoints inside the West Bank and to grant or deny special movement privileges.

AFSC has joined a coalition of organizations and groups who have come together to challenge HP's complicity in human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territory and to ask the company to withdraw from such contracts and stop profiting from the Israeli occupation. Learn more about the campaign to boycott Hewlett Packard.

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