Below is a list of archived Acting in Faith newsletters.

August, 2013: Activism in the meetinghouse 

August, 2013: Realize the dream

July, 2013: A prayer for Trayvon Martin

July, 2013: None of us is safe until all of us are safe

June, 2013: Keeping families together

April, 2013: What the dead might ask of us

February 2013:  Weaving new realities

December 2012:  Love all the children

November 2012:  Taking the Risks of Love

October 2012:  The Spiritual Energy of Being an Ally

September 2012:  Defending Free Speech for those labeled "Other"

August 2012:  Spirit-Led Activism

June 2012:  A Common Quaker Project

April 2012:  Ain't Gonna Study War No More

February, 2012:  The Quality of Light