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Water - Dadaab Camp, Kenya

Refugee women at water pump.

Women gather water at Dadaab Refugee Camp.

Photo Credit: 
Enoch Opuka

In Somalia, AFSC works with youth, in close partnership with civil society organizations, to develop innovative and creative ideas for building lasting peace while ensuring inclusion of all people regardless of clan or ideology. In particular, vulnerable, disabled, and clan minority youth are encouraged to participate. Local authorities, business leaders and traditional leaders play an essential role in the sustainability of these efforts.

As a result of the AFSC program in Somalia, young Somalis are active in nonviolence and innovative community-based initiatives, are supporting their families through income generating activities, and are educating their communities on peaceful coexistance.

Because Somalia faces ongoing conflict, engaging young people can be a positive way to divert them from recruitment by armed groups. AFSC recognizes that while the fragile and transitional situation in Somalia presents significant challenges and risks, it also holds high potential for achieving positive results.

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