Myanmar (Burma)

Burmies preschoolers playing

Preschool classes give older siblings a break from childcare responsibilities

As poverty deepens, Buddhist monasteries have started schools to provide basic education to poor children who cannot afford to attend state schools.

In Myanmar (Burma) AFSC is supporting civil society efforts to improve livelihoods and to educate children. Myanmar is rich in land and natural resources, but is nonetheless among the poorest countries in the world. The average Myanmar family spends 75% of their income on securing adequate food supplies. Less than 50% of children complete primary school.

When Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar in 2008, killing over 140,000 people and severely affecting  another 2.4 million, AFSC was able to respond quickly with relief aid.  Partnering with Burman Buddhist monks and Karen Christian groups, AFSC’s support provided emergency food and building supplies, restored community structures and livelihoods and strengthened local initiatives to build   self-reliance, gender equity and cultural resilience.

Today, AFSC is supporting teacher training that goes beyond basic literacy and numeracy to foster self awareness, critical thinking, and eco-friendly life-skills amongst poor children who cannot afford to study at state schools.   

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