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Local peace networks

Designing peace messages in Haiti

<p><span>Members of a local peace network design peace messages in their community.</span></p>

Members of a local peace network design peace messages in their community.

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Ecole Mixte la Liberte

Internally displaced people and youth and community leaders from 13 different Haitian organizations, faith-based organizations, and schools are collaborating with AFSC in Haiti to bring security and peace to neighborhoods in Port au Prince, where more than 250,000 people still displaced from the 2010 earthquake are living in temporary housing amid insecure and precarious conditions.

Through the “Local Peace Networks” methodology, these community leaders use conflict analysis and participatory planning and dialogue to address the root causes of conflict, including economic exclusion, gender-based violence, bullying, street violence, and natural disasters.

Four years after the earthquake, AFSC is also promoting civic engagement, risk prevention, and peace education as ways to build nonviolent alternatives to conflict and address community needs in a participatory manner.

Resources for download

  • Implementing local peace networks to reduce urban insecurity
  • Mise en place de plateformes locales pour la paix en milieu urbain
  • Implementing local peace networks in urban spaces: Lessons learned
  • Implementación de plataformas locales de paz urbana: Lecciones aprendidas

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