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Acting in Faith

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Acting in Faith

Praying with our Feet
By: Joshua Saleem
Published: November 21, 2014

Note: Joshua Saleem is Director of AFSC's Peace Education Program in St. Louis. In this piece he explores what we mean when we pray for peace.  - Lucy

Since August I’ve seen banners, signs, Facebook statuses, and Tweets with the message “Pray for peace in St. Louis.” I’ve heard prayers for peace as people of faith gather in response to events in Ferguson, MO. In recent days I’ve seen an increase in the calls to pray as people waited for the Grand Jury announcement. I’m tired of hearing the calls for peace.

Let me be clear: I do not want violence, destruction...

Gun violence prevention mural in Brooklyn
By: Madeline Smith-Gibbs
Published: November 20, 2014

Note: This is the second installment of a series of three interviews with people who are living out Quaker values through their healing justice work. The first, an interview with Philadelphia Quaker and organizer J. Jondhi Harrell, can be read here.

Lewis Webb is a program coordinator in AFSC’s New York office. He has leadership roles in The Campaign to End the New Jim Crow, the Healing and Transformative Justice program, and the Quaker Network to End Mass...

By: Lucy Duncan
Published: November 14, 2014

Note: In this post I tell just a bit of the story of the commutation of the death penalty sentence of Randy Reeves. I drew from many sources for this piece, including an excellent article that was in PeaceWork magazine and an article published by Common Dreams. AFSC played a big role in organizing in this case and Don Reeves, Randy's father,...

Protesters in Ferguson
By: Liz Oppenheimer
Published: October 30, 2014

Note: Liz Oppenheimer is a Quaker who has been very involved in supporting AFSC's Healing Justice program in Minneapolis. During Ferguson October she traveled to St. Louis and participated in protests and in supporting activists on the ground. The experience opened her eyes and led her to wonder about Quaker readiness to lend support to the communities of color most impacted by police brutality and other injustice. These are some of her reflections on her time in Ferguson, with an invitation to Quakers to become engaged and activated as allies in this movement. - Lucy...

Bassem Masri supports Ferguson
By: Bassem Masri
Published: October 28, 2014

Note: This guest post is by Bassem Masri, a Palestinian who has been very involved in the Ferguson protests and has documented the events with Live Stream. He was arrested this week and interrogated and writes in the post below powerfully about the ways that the police presence in Feruguson resembles the police presence in Palestine. All photos in this post are courtesy the...