Search for Peace in the Middle East

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Peace in the middle east cover

Search for Peace in the Middle East pamphlet cover

Search for Peace in the Middle East was written in 1970 by Friends from the American Friends Service Committee and the Canadian Friends Service Committee, in association with the Friends Service Council (now Quaker Peace and Social Witness).  The pamphlet examined the state of affairs in the Middle East, the recent history of conflicts, and proposed ways forward.  Much of what was written then, applies still today.

In their conclusions the Friends wrote that:

Our basic concern is not with politics, power, or sovereignty, for these are only instruments in the search for the good life. The real tragedy of the Middle East today is that people are not enjoying the good life. For many, bodily conditions are harsh and their physical situation impoverished and unfree. Large numbers of the younger generation are wasting their precious youth in learning to kill, and in this way their bodies and minds are denied the chance to do the constructive work their communities so urgently need.


Created Date: 
Jan 1, 1970

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