Voices from Dadaab

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Voices from Dadaab

John Bongei of AFSC's Somalia Emergency Relief Program traveled from Nariobi, Kenya to Dadaab Refugee Camp in Northeast Kenya to visit participants in AFSC's programs. Following the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa AFSC set up a program to respond to the needs of the influx of refugees.  

Voices from Dadaab: Hariet

Mr Hariet Hambe is 60 years old. He loaned part of the cash he received from AFSC to a friend who needed to travel back to Somalia. He wants to start a goat business and is waiting for the security situation to improve in the camp. He used to be a livestock trader in Somalia and believes the same business opportunity is possible in Dadaab. His five sons were killed in Somalia and is now cares for his deceased brother's four children. 

Stories From Dadaab: Fatuma

Fatuma Ibrahim is 65 years old and arrived in Dadaab on September 2011. Fatuma left her home in Kismayo when she lost everything due to drought and famine.

Voices from Dadaab: Issac

Isaac Aden, a shop owner from Kismayo, came to Kenya in August 2011. He is 49 years old and a father of six. Isaac and his son Abdullahi were helped by wheelchairs that AFSC distributed throughout Dadaab refugee camps. Though Isaac now moves easily within the camps, he still feels life in the camp is not fulfilling. Issac wants to obtain the capital another shop in Dadaab. He goes on to say, “I am happy I can move easily, but I need a stable source of livelihood in order to support my family.”

Voices from Dadaab: Khadija

Khadija Muhumed is 75 years old, from Somalia and arrived in Dadaab camp with her 5 children 10 months ago. In 2011 Khadija's husband was killed when he refused the recruitment of their son into a militia group. A few days later, the same militia stole all her livestock.

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