Monster Mash Remix Boycott SodaStream

Boycott SodaStream choir

Boycott SodaStream choir

AFSC Chicago staff and friends sing Monster Mash Remix -- Boycott SodaStream.

Check out the performance on Sound Cloud.

Lyrics by D-Pak


I was shopping for the holidays, late one night

When I saw a product that gave me a fright

The shelves were filled with SodaStream, to my surprise

So now we must expose all of SodaStream's lies


It's SodaStream

They're made on stolen land

And that's obscene

It should be contraband

It isn't green

SodaStream: Building walls, not bridges

Soda Stream boycott

Soda Stream boycott

Soda Stream boycott

An article by AFSC's Mike Merryman-Lotze was published by Al Jazeera on July 18, 2013:

The Israeli beverage company SodaStream is rapidly gaining a foothold in US markets. Its brand recognition is rising steadily, and given a series of recent partnership agreements it is likely that SodaStream will continue to increase its US presence. 

SodaStream Alternatives

Since AFSC joined the national SodaStream Boycott Coalition, one of the questions we are most frequently asked regards SodaStream alternative or replacement products.  Of course the simplest alternative to buying a SodaStream machine is to drink plain water or other non-carbonated beverages.  However, if you’re convinced that buying your own machine makes sense you don’t have to buy a SodaStream.

BDS Handout

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement has received a great deal of attention recently, but what is it really about? What do those who support BDS hope to accomplish and who leads the BDS movement? What are some examples of BDS campaigns? This resources answers these and other questions about the growing and dynamic BDS movement.   


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