School Funding

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Schools vs. prisons? Seattle youth on where the money goes

Young people in Seattle argue that funding should go to schools, not prisons.

A young advocate for education equality

Every day, Penn State first-year student Raven Moore makes time for a phone call with her mom. They are close—growing up, it was just the two of them. “She works 12-hour shifts, but she’s always there for me,” Raven says.

She is just a few weeks into college, but it feels more like years. The immersion in a community of friends and professors is good for the 18-year-old. She’s always thrived in learning environments where she knows her friends and peers.

Radio interview about International Peace Day film screening

Michael Gagne and WURD host Barbara Grant discuss peace as a process—rather than simply as the absence of war—the Envision Peace. AFSC is partnering with Envision Peace on  the Sept. 21 event.

Funding Schools, Not War

By Ira Harritt, AFSC Kansas City Program Coordinator

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