New Orleans

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Parading for peace in New Orleans

For the past three years, New Orleans has seen a decline in the city’s murder rate for the first time in almost 30 years.  Sources credit social programs, changes in ER procedures, a gang task force, effective prosecutions and a variety of other factors for the three-year decline.  Despite the dip, the city’s murder rate still remains above the national average according to 

New beginnings in the South Region

A sense of rebirth and renewal is spreading throughout the South Region under the dynamic new leadership of Kamau Franklin. Kamau, a civil rights attorney who was named regional director in April, brings to AFSC his rich background in organizing at the grassroots level around issues of racial justice and civic engagement. He shares his vision for the region here.

A message from the South regional director

Greetings, AFSC South Region supporters,

AFSC South Star Summer 2014

Summer 2014 issue of the AFSC South Region's South Star newsletter.

Designing Our Freedom: The Oppression Fashion Show

“Why is there poverty in the same country that is also called the most obese country in the world? I say, “because it’s no longer one for all and all for one.” It’s all about “me, myself and I!” We need to stop oppressing each other and start practicing Ubuntu(OO-BOON-TOO), which is an South African word that means “I am because we are.” When one of us suffers then we all suffer.

The Oppression Fashion Show 2012: Peace and Justice intern reflection

The sweet tension of waiting for people to arrive combined with the multiple colored lights filling the room, a dream of cold extremities coursing with adrenaline. I, as the door person watching the welcome table, got to say hello to most of the people to the event hopefully making a positive first impression. From my vantage point near the door I’m torn as to what might have been my most memorable experience.

Wanna SNAC? A Sampson Night Against Crime

The “29th Annual National “Night Out Against Crime” was held on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 from 5:30-7:30pm for neighborhoods throughout the Greater New Orleans Area. The American Friends Service Committee partnered with A Desire For Change community group to host our “Night Out Against Crime” at the Sampson Park in the 9th Ward Neighborhood to celebrate a commitment to peace in our communities.

New Orleans shakes off the negativity

New Orleans is a city plagued by violence, but it is also one that loves beauty, celebrates courage and generosity, and likes to show a genuine appreciation for fun and life.

So just weeks after Hurricane Isaac swept through their neighborhoods, young people filled New Orleans with colorful puppets, lively dances, and hopeful voices as they marched in the American Friends Service Committee's (AFSC) third annual Peace is Power Giant Puppet Parade.

That morning, volunteers gathered on Duncan Plaza, a historic site for organizers because it sits right in front of City Hall.

AFSC South Star Spring Newsletter

The South Star newsletter for AFSC's South Region.

New Orleans Workers Gain Construction Jobs

A recent announcement that New Orleans residents will obtain 40 percent of jobs at a city construction project represents a major step forward for a campaign that combined patience and persistence to result in a win-win for residents and the city.

The campaign for a “First Source” ordinance began almost three years ago, when Malcolm Suber, then a consultant, organized a conference to consider how $5 billion in anticipated post-Katrina reconstruction funds would best support community development.

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