Local peace network handbook

Reflection and action guide for reducing local violence

This handbook is a tool to help community leaders implement urban peace-building programs.

The lessons here are particularly relevant to contested spaces in multi-cultural contexts, where people are suffering oppression from different forces, such as criminal groups, political tensions, economic exclusion, discrimination, etc. Most of these urban zones are also inhabited by people living under poverty and extreme poverty, like most marginal urban neighborhoods in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Cementing Mexcian-US Friendship

This is a silent film documenting an AFSC service project in 1939, in which students from 11 colleges helped build a school on a Mexican communal farm.

Former First Lady of Mexico Calls for Immigration Reform in Des Moines Talk

By Sandra Sanchez
AFSC Iowa Immigrants Voice Program Director

National and Hemispheric Impact of Mexico’s Drug War

Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 7:00pm

Separating Smoke from Fire: National and Hemispheric Impact of Mexico’s Drug War

Norma para importación de autos a México

This document in Spanish is about a new but little known norm for imported vehicles into Mexico.

Norma para importación de autos a México

This document in Spanish is about a new but little known norm for imported vehicles into Mexico.

kiado cruz

Kiado Cruz

Kiado Cruz, of the Autonomous Network for Food Sovereignty, Oaxaca, Mexico

The Police We Want

As a response to a growing trend of violent crimes, kidnappings and scandals in relation to police complicity with crime and violence, AFSC through its partner in Mexico City, Alianza Cívica, works with communities in contributing to improve the police. The objective is to transform the police from being violent against the citizens to becoming an honest, reliable police force, protective of and accountable to civic society.

The video shows activities of the project “The Police We Want.”

Infomre Espnaol:

Mexican Mine and Metal Workers

This article exploring the connection between unionism in Mexico and the U.S. was written by Leslie Cunningham, a volunteer with the Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera program of AFSC in Austin. The piece was used as a reading for ATCF delegates who just went to the border on our May delegation.

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