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Dreamer talks immigration reform with Senator Grassley

By Hector Salamanca, AFSC Iowa Latino Youth Organizer Intern

I went to a recent town hall meeting in Boone, Iowa for a reason, and that was to ask Senator Chuck Grassley what his views were on the current Immigration bill. I was completely unprepared for what awaited me at the town hall and whether or not it was going to be a tough crowd or a supportive crowd that cared about immigration reform.

Sandra Sanchez talks immigration reform on The Fallon Forum

Sandra Sanchez discusses the latest immigration reform legislation on the Fallon Forum, April 24, 2013. Sandra directs AFSC Iowa's Immigrants Voice Program and can be reached at

Iowans to call for fair immigration reform

Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 3:15pm - 4:15pm

Dreamers and allies won a big victory with the Drivers Licenses this winter, but our work is still not done.

Now our sights are on Humane Immigration Reform and we ask you to join us on May 2 from 3:15 p.m.-4:15 p.m at City Hall, Second Floor Auditorium, 923 8th Street in Boone. We will be sending a clear message to Senator Grassley that we do not appreciate his recent comments over the immigration bill. So please join us and continue marching towards humane immigration reform.

Iowa Dreamers call for and win driver's licenses

With help from AFSC, a group of Iowa Dreamers call for (and soon win) driver's licenses. This January 21, 2013 clip is from KCCI TV in Des Moines.

Legal services work brings a family together

An Eritrean refugee in Iowa is reunited with his family, with help from AFSC.

Jody Mashek can tell you all about the headaches, heartaches and frustrating delays of U.S. immigration law.

She can also show you the joy on a father’s face when he’s finally reunited with his family.

Jody directs the legal services component of AFSC’s Immigrants Voice Program in Des Moines. Each year the program assists several hundred immigrants and refugees from around the world.

Folleto Reforma Migratoria

Iowa Dreamers lobby State Sen. Matt McCoy

Iowa Dreamers lobby State Sen. Matt McCoy

Iowa Dreamers lobby State Sen. Matt McCoy in support of in-state tuition for immigrant youth at state universities.

Folleto Reforma Migratoria

¿Cómo puede participar?

The right direction: Deferred action policy is not the final word for DREAMers

DREAMers at Iowa capitol

small group talking in Iowa capitol rotunda

Iowa DREAMers visited the state capitol on March 20 to thank state senators for co-sponsoring a bill allowing them to pay in-state tuition at state universities. They also spoke with legislators still opposed to bill or on the fence. See more photos.

There’s a secret about dreams. Roberto,* a young man in Iowa dreaming about his future, can tell you all about it: “You can never see the [mountain] peak; you just climb the mountain until you depart from this earth.”

As a young child, Roberto was brought to the United States from Mexico by his parents. Twenty years later, like the hundreds of thousands of other undocumented young people known as “DREAMers,” Roberto is struggling to fulfill his vision of school, career, and family.

Sandra Sanchez talks immigration reform on the Fallon Forum

Sandra Sanchez

On the February 7, 2013 edition of the Fallon Forum, Sandra Sanchez, AFSC Iowa Immigrants Voice Program Director, discusses the prospects for comprehensive immigration reform. (Sandra's portion of the program runs from the 11:20 to the 25:10 minute mark.)

Entrevista a Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez is director of AFSC's Immigrants Voice Program in Des Moines, Iowa. (file photo)

Reconociendo el liderazgo de un miembro de nuestro personal, Sandra Sánchez, directora del Programa Voz de los Inmigrantes del AFSC desde 1995. Agradecemos a la revista La Reina por reconocer los esfuerzos de mujeres que han impactado a la comunidad del área metropolitana de Des Moines y esperamos que esto motive a otras jóvenes líderes para seguir sus pasos.


Monday, January 21, 2013 - 12:00pm


On Marting Luther King, Jr. Day, please join us for a press conference and peaceful gathering to ask DOT director Paul Trombino to change his mind about denying drivers’ licenses to Deferred Action youth. This is the time to act!

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