Immigration Reform

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AFIS and Catholic Charities to begin immigration sessions and clinics

The American Friends Immigrant Services (AFIS) legal team and the Catholic Charities in Monroe County (CCMC) began a new adventure in 2015 to reach the most marginalized and vulnerable migrants in the cities of Marathon and Key West, Florida—the most southern cities in the U.S. with almost non-existent legal services.

Activistas se preparan para el día nacional de acción / Activists prepare for National Day of Action

Activists in Colorado prepare for the April 5th National Day of Action to stop deportation. According to AFSC's Jennifer Piper, keeping up the pressure is the only way to get results “The President has the power to respond to the legal petition we turned in to his Administration in February that he suspend deportations." 

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Recap: Boots on the border

Pedro promo for hangout

Pedro Rios

Pedro Rios, San Diego Area Program Director

Controlling the U.S./Mexico border has become increasingly like waging a war. Hear from AFSC staff from across the country about why border militarization is a problem and what we can do to stop it.

Immigration Reform NOW

which half deport

Which half of me will you deport?  A sign carried by a child whose father is undocumented.

This evening, October 17th,  a group of undocumented immigrants and allies sat down in front of the offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in San Francisco, blocking a bus loaded with people being deported.  It is one of a whole series of actions taken in Arizona and other border states to stop the deportation business as usual and to call u

Immigration Reform Rally and Public Forum

Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Join in the National Day of Action for Immgration Reform Now!  Gather on the grass across from the Providence Mall for a rally at 3pm.  We will then march to the Renaissance Hotel, where workers are pushing for better treatment and pay from a company given huge tax breaks by the city of Providence and on to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (15 Hayes St). 

The public forum will begin at the church at 4pm.  Speakers will address comprehensive immigration reform as well as related state level issues.  Elected officials have been invited to attend. 

"Opening the Door of Hope" Caravan arrives in Newark

Opening the elevator door to the Immigrant Rights Program office on May 24 was both an action and a metaphor – members of the “Opening the Door of Hope” Caravan were there for a lunch meeting. The caravan started in Mexico and has been traveling in the U.S. to raise awareness of immigration issues, especially  the dangers immigrants face.

We all live here

immigration reform

Ghaisha came to the U.S. from Niger seeking asylum. Now a U.S. citizen and member of the Greensboro, N.C. community, she shares the story of a friend who was denied an organ transplant because he is undocumented.


AFSC Carolinas: New Immigration Bill includes Support for Families but Continues Key Failures

New Immigration Bill Includes Support for Families and Workers,
Yet Would Continue Key Failures of Current System           

Flyer for May 1, 2013 Rally

Flyer for May 1, 2013 "Rally for Common Sense Immigration Reform"

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