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Comentario de AFSC sobre el Acta del Sueño

(Also available in English)

El Acta de Desarrollo, Alivio y Educación para Menores Extranjeros (DREAM, por sus siglas en inglés) abre una oportunidad para propiciar el diáogo entre los grupos que luchan por los derechos de los inmigrantes, para que las esperanzas y aspiraciones de los jóvenes y de los estudiantes indocumentados no queden limitadas solamente a prestar su servicio en las fuerzas armadas.

Fallon Forum (IA) on WOW FM: Jon Krieg and Jody Mashek on immigration law

Jody Mashek

Jody Mashek

Jody Mashek is Legal Services Director for AFSC's Immigrants Voice Program in Des Moines.

Fallon Forum radio program features guest host, Jon Krieg of AFSC, and guest, Jody Mashek of AFSC's immigration law program in Iowa, discussing the myths and realities of immigration law. 

Des Moines Friends Examine Immigration Law

by Jon Krieg

There was no need for scary masks or sugar-loaded candy at a Quaker “second-hour” discussion on Halloween Sunday. Immigration law in the United States is frightening enough.

Jody Mashek with Des Moines Friends

Des Moines Friends and Immigration

Andrea Holveckand Fred Nelson, members of Des Moines Valley Friends, discuss immigration law at a talk given by Jody Mashek, Legal Services Director of AFSC Iowa's Immigrants' Voice Program.

The Durham (NC) Herald Sun: Forum talks of immigrants' deportation fear

DURHAM - Immigrants come to the U.S. to work, and current immigration policy is tearing families apart, speakers said at a forum Thursday night at First Presbyterian Church. "Immigrant Neighbors Behind Bars" was also sponsored by Iglesia Emanuel Presbyteriana and the American Friends Service Committee.

AFSC protests AZ anti-immigration law

Stop Hate SB1070

Boston protester

Boston protester for AZ SB1070 rally.

From coast to coast, AFSC protests Arizona's anti-immigration law

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