Healing Justice

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Stone in the belly: Transforming trauma in community

AFSC's Acting in Faith blog reflects on the process of dealing with trauma and what it means to heal. 


Water/stress filling glass

Water/stress filling glass

Water/stress filling glass

"Beyond prisons" study guide

"Beyond Prisons" is a radical and provocative book about the criminal justice system, based on the American Friends Service Committee’s decades of experience with the issue. Readers looking for ways to engage more personally with the questions presented are invited to use this study guide to facilitate that eagerness.

SCUCC statement advocating for justice in the prison industrial complex

Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ's statement against private prison and encouraging action in its congregations.

Resolutions of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona

Resolutions of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona reaffirming criminal justice reform and opposing contracting for private prisons in Arizona.

A Path Towards Healing: A year of study on the Doctrine of Christian Discovery

A document created by New England Yearly Meeting to learn about the Doctrine of Christiain Discovery and consider together how it might be repealed.

Healing Justice resources for Quaker congregations

Healing Justice interns describe their summer projects

Summer interns from both the Immigrant Rights and Healing JusticePrograms shared moving stories of the work they had done with AFSC.

AFSC invites Quaker congregations everywhere to join in the effort to help transform the U.S. criminal justice system from one focused on crime and punishment to one focused on moving from harm to healing.  Quaker meetings and churches are encouraged to learn more about issues of mass incarceration, engage their local communities in the issue, establish relationships with those directly affected, and advocate for just policy.

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