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AFSC Work In France 1942

AFSC work in France 1942

Film showing American Friends Service Committee work in France during World War II. Howard Kershner, director of the program provides explanation of the work and where Quaker programs were established. Includes footage of feeding programs and children's colonies in France. Featured is footage of the La Rouviere Children's Colony located outside Marseille, France.

'I have come out of the night, and you fed me.'

At the close of the Spanish Civil War in 1939, many supporters of the Loyalist government left Spain and took refuge in France, rather than remain under Francisco Franco's rule. Most were placed in refugee camps, and the AFSC undertook helping some in southern France.

Toulouse Office

Office in Toulouse, Marjorie McClelland on right

Quakers Launch Postwar Feeding Program at Herbert Hoover's Request

Although this feeding program was the first official effort by the United States to address the hunger and malnutrition that haunted Germany after World War I, Quakers had been aware of the problem for several years. This is the story about what led to their knowledge.

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