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Nuclear Age Peace Foundation: Nuclear Famine

This video details the catastrophic global consequences of even a "limited" regional nuclear war on the other side of the planet.

Somali Famine: Halima’s Story

AFSC staff Christine Mbito spoke with refugees in Dadaab on her trip July 25-28.  Here is Halima Abdi’s story, as told by Christine.

“Farah (the translator) and I met Halima Abdi, a new arrival, in Hagadera camp. 

“Halima had just arrived from Afmadow, a city in southern Somalia, located in the middle of the Juba region bordered by Kenya. The journey was very harsh for her youngest child, who is just now is looking like his usual self.

Somali Famine: Asha’s Story

AFSC staffer Christine Mbito spoke with refugees in Dadaab during her trip July 25-28. Here is Asha’s story, as told by Christine.

“Asha, a widow, and her five children agreed to talk to us when we found them at the Ifo Camp; seated in a temporary shelter they constructed themselves from two blankets--their most prized possessions. She gives thanks to God she and all of her children arrived safely from Shabelle Region in Somalia. They have spent two nights in the camp and are waiting to be issued a tent by the humanitarian agencies.

Drought in Horn of Africa: Personal Stories

Countries in the Horn of Africa are facing the worst food crisis in the world today and Somalia is the hardest hit.  According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, drought, conflict, and skyrocketing food prices have produced this tragic situation.  The UN has declared a famine that affects southern Somalia.  This is a rare designation and its use highlights the severity of the crisis.

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