cut Pentagon spending

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Back to Work Budget

Thanks for letting your House member know that the Back to Work Budget reflects the job creation, investment in people, sensible cuts and revenues that we need for communities to thrive.

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This plane steals jobs

plane steals jobs

This plane steals jobs.

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Wasteful Pentagon spending the focus of rallies across US

Pig costumes were in high demand Feb. 27, 2013, when protesters across the U.S. challenged the “pork” that pads the Pentagon budget.

Cut Pentagon spending, not the programs we love

Don't break our hearts

What social program is most important to you? Will your heart break if the U.S. slashes its funding in order to continue to pay for a bloated Pentagon budget?

AFSC staff and volunteers from all over the country are sending valentine messages to President Obama and Congress: “Don’t break our hearts! Cut Pentagon spending, not the programs we love.”

You, too, can submit a photo of how your heart would be broken if we continue to invest in excessive militarism over vital social programs.

Spring 2013 opportunities to impact Pentagon spending cuts

Use the "Invest in People, not the Pentagon" action toolkit to make the most of these opportunities to influence the conversation on Pentagon cuts and our national budget priorities.


7 - Brennan hearings (CIA)
12 - State of the Union address
14 - Valentine’s Day
20 - President’s Day/Save for All Coalition national day of action
27 - National Day of Action on Cuts to Pentagon Spending
11-17 - Congressional Senate recess
18-22 - Congressional House recess

Action kit: Invest in people, not the Pentagon

Toolkit cover

Invest in People, Not the Pentagon

This is a kit for community groups, Quaker meetings, faith communities, students, and anyone else who is ready to work in this crucial moment to make sure that vital social programs are preserved and that deep cuts to Pentagon spending are made. 

Invest in people, not the Pentagon

US Discretionary Budget Banner 2013

Banner showing US Discretionary Budget

20 foot vinyl banner showing the U.S. discretionary budget and the more than 50 percent that goes to the military. To purchase one of these banners for your events, please email

An action kit for anyone ready to work to ensure that vital social programs are preserved and that deep cuts to Pentagon spending are made.

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