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Cornelius Steelink in 1948 picketing against WWIII

Cornelius Steelink in 1948 picketing against WWIII.

Cornelius Steelink in 1948 picketing against WWIII.

Cornelius Steelink first came into contact with AFSC during World War Two, when, as a conscientious objector, he was sent to a CO camp run by AFSC in Northern California. Since then, he's done it all with AFSC. He shares his story with Willie Colon.

Why I Refuse: On God/love, nonviolence and the occupation

My name is Moriel Zachariah Rothman. I am 23 years old and live in Jerusalem. I lived for most of my life in the United States, but I was born in Jerusalem (and am Jewish) and have thus been an Israeli citizen since birth. As such, I am, like [most] other Israeli Jews, expected to serve in the IDF. I moved back to Jerusalem last year, and I recently received a draft notice from the IDF. After much thinking, wrestling and searching, and drawing inspiration from my community and from many who have made the same choice before me, I have decided to refuse to serve in the army.

Three Israeli Conscientious Objectors Face Prison

For decades hundreds of Israeli youth have declared at different times and for different reasons that they will refuse to serve in the Israeli military as they see its actions as immoral.

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