Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights

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Interested in learning more about Immigrant Justice? Consider hosting a workshop on any of these topics!

 Our workshops are very experiential and use a lot of Popular Education, and Theater of the Oppressed. Please feel free to give us a call to talk about what you’re looking for. Please Contact Jordan Garcia ( for more information.

 Detention Workshop/ Joe Gets Detained:

How Immigrant Repression and U.S. Incarceration Serve Global Capitalist Interests

Chandra Russo at immigration vigil in Aurora, CO

Chandra Russo at immigration vigil in Aurora, CO

Chandra Russo attends a vigil at the GEO immigrant detention center in Aurora, Colorado. The vigils are organized by Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights, a project of AFSC Colorado.

Chandra Russo is working on her PhD in Sociology at the University of California in Santa Barbara. Having spent some of her formative years in Denver as a member of CFIR (Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, AFSC’s ally project), she gives much credit to both CFIR and the AFSC for much of her current analysis of social justice and immigrant rights.


One hundred attend prayer vigil for immigration renewal and action

Colorado faith and community members gather to show they stand on the side of love.


On April 2, faith leaders and community members gathered at the GEO Detention Center in Aurora, Colorado for prayer and singing to demonstrate the faith communities’ commitment to inject humanity and compassion into the public dialogue on immigration.   


Warm Valentines melt ICE cold hearts

By Jordan Garcia, AFSC Colorado Immigrant Ally Organizing Director

On February 13, 2012 at the Aurora (Colorado) Immigrant Detention Center, 525 handmade Valentines were delivered to 450 people unjustly interned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The next day, Valentine's Day, an additional 75 cards were gifted to day laborers in Denver and Aurora thanks to volunteers with Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights, a project of AFSC.

Denver letter writer stands up for immigrants

[Crystal Middlestadt is a member of the letter writing ladder of Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights, a project of AFSC in Colorado. Her letter below appeared in the December 2, 2011 edition of The Denver Post in response to a November 28 Post editorial.]

Immigrant Detention Center Vigil Set for January 2

Monday, January 2, 2012 - 6:00pm

Jennifer Piper and clergy 8-1-11

Jennifer Piper and clergy 8-1-11

At right, Jennifer Piper, AFSC Colorado Interfaith Organzing Director, visits with clergy Anne Dunlap at the August 1, 2011 vigil outside the GEO immigrant detention center in Aurora, Colorado.

The firtst Monday of each Month, at 6 p.m., the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) & Coloradans for Immigrant Rights sponsor a vigil at the Immigrant Detention Center in Aur...ora, Colorado.

In solidarity, Monday, January 2, Regis University Engaged Scholar Activists will co-sponsor the vigil as part of a year of dialogue and action on immigration and immigrant rights at the University. As students who are both affected either directly or indirectly by the issue of immigration, we believe in standing up and speaking out for change.

AFSC stands vigil at CO immigrant detention center

AFSC stands vigil at CO immigrant detention center

We stand vigil, some recite poetry, we fight against injustice as it stares us in the face.

Faith and Community Leaders Ask for Relief from Deportations

Contact: Alan Kaplan, 917.776.2388

White House Initiates Immigration Reform Dialogue in Denver, but Local Leaders Want Action

AFSC's Jennifer Piper discusses Arizona protests

Check out Jennifer Piper of AFSC's Colorado staff on protests about Arizona's anti-immigrant law.

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