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Recap: Profiteering on prisons [Google Hangout]

No matter how private companies profit on prisons, privatizing incarceration puts the pursuit of profits over the needs of taxpayers, prisoners, and prison employees. This was the topic of discussion among three AFSC staff members during a one-hour Google Hangout on Air held July 17, 2013.

During the discussion, Caroline Isaacs, who authored the first-ever systematic study of all for-profit prisons operating in Arizona, relayed her experiences in the struggle against privatization.

Lifetime Lockdown: How Isolation Conditions Impact Prisoner Reentry

Lifetime Lockdown report cover

Lifetime Lockdown Report

Download (PDF)

This report represents the first effort to directly link conditions in Arizona’s supermax prisons with the state’s high recidivism rate.

AFSC releases report on private prisons in Arizona

February 15, 2012 the American Friends Services Committee’s Arizona office released an extensive report reviewing the safety, quality, and cost of private prisons in Arizona – including six prisons operated by Corrections Corporation of America but not under contract with the state. The report reveals widespread and persistent problems in private facilities around safety, lack of accountability, and cost.

Private Prisons: The Public's Problem, Supporting Materials

To support our claims and aid future research AFSC is making as much of the supporting documentation for Private Prisons: The Public's Problem available for download.

Private Prisons: The Public's Problem

A quality assessment of Arizona’s Private Prisons

Arizona has enthusiastically embraced prison privatization, with 13% of the state prison population housed in private facilities (the 11th highest percentage in the nation). Motivated by a belief that private enterprise could build and manage prisons safely and at lower cost than the state, the legislature has mandated construction of thousands of private prison beds. Little was done over the years to test actual performance of private prisons or to determine their cost effectiveness.

The complete report is 105 pages.

Private Prisons in Arizona More Costly and Less Safe

Preliminary results of an upcoming report by AFSC show high costs, poor safety, and lacking accountability in Arizona's private prisons.

AFSC appeals Arizona ruling on for-profit prisons

Despite an unfavorable court ruling, AFSC will continue to fight against private for-profit prisons.

Arizona Lawsuit Media Coverage

Since AFSC filed for an injunction in Arizona to prevent the state from signing contracts for 5,000 additional for-profit prison beds before a legally mandated review is complete, media outlets throughout the state have run stories on the issue.

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