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Florinda says her motivation to be an outspoken advocate for immigration reform has deep roots—she loves her uncle. They share a special bond that goes back to the moment of her birth, and he raised Florinda and her brother for much of their lives.

Listen to Florinda talk about her close bond with her uncle, and read more about her story to keep him and her Aunt in the United States.

The NY Office has a leadership role in The Campaign to End the New Jim Crow which addresses the injustices of mass incarceration of people of color and it collateral consequences. This statewide collaborative effort is committed to the proposition that an informed community is best equipped to self-advocate and more inclined to join others for change. We therefore developed a messaging campaign to awaken impacted communities.

On October 18, 2012 Lucy Duncan, AFSC’s Friends Liaison, and Madeline Schaefer, Friends Relations Fellow, discussed a new and developing program at AFSC—the Quaker Meeting/Church Liaison Program.

The liaison program supports Quaker congregations’ work for peace and justice, while at the same time working to broaden the impact of AFSC’s programs.

On this call, Lucy and Madeline discussed how the program was developed, the components of the program, and how your meeting/church can get involved.

This recording features Joseph Gerson, director of AFSC’s Peace and Economic Security Program, and Aura Kanegis, director of AFSC’s National Office of Public Policy and Advocacy, on a program update conference call from from Sept. 27, 2012.

Joseph discussed his work on alternatives to militarization and alternate directions for U.S. policies.

Michael Gagne and WURD host Barbara Grant discuss peace as a process—rather than simply as the absence of war—the Envision Peace. AFSC is partnering with Envision Peace on  the Sept. 21 event.

This is a recording of the American Friends Service Committee’s Monthly Program Update call from August 16, 2012 with Matthew Lowen, Program Coordinator for AFSC's Tucson's office in Arizona. Matthew along with Caroline Isaacs, the office's Program Director, talked about their invovlement in the published report "Lifetime Lockdown: How Isolation Conditions Impact Prisoner Reentry" and the launch of

This is a recording of the American Friends Service Committee’s Monthly Program Update call from July 19, 2012 with Patricia DeBoer, AFSC's Asia Regional Director. Patricia discussed, with other Asia staff, their program work across the continent. They shared stories, obstacles, and successes from their on-the-ground perspective.

Learn more about the monthly program update series.

In this Spanish-language radio interview, Sandra Sanchez, AFSC Iowa Immigrants Voice Program Director, talks with Des Moines immigration attorney Jim Benzoni about the recently announced "Deferred Action" program for certain undocumented youth, known as "DREAMers."

Deferred Action for DREAMers, as announced by the Department of Homeland Security on June 15, is explained by Sandra Sanchez during her weekly show at radio La Reina.

“Many parents and Dreamers had questions that hopefully this show will answer,” said Sandra during the show.

The show is in Spanish.

A broad coalition of Iowa groups and individuals rallied at the State Capitol following the U.S. Supreme Court's mixed ruling regarding Arizona's anti-immigrant law SB 1070. Ben Stone, Executive Director of the ACLU in Iowa, said it was an "important day for human rights in this country" and that the one standing provision -- "Show me your papers" -- should be rejected if it's ever introduced in Iowa.

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