day one action warfare is stealing our jobsThe operational costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are nearing one trillion dollars.

This is difficult to comprehend while our national unemployment rate is at 10%. Imagine for a second how that one trillion dollars could help put people back to work.

Matthew Hoh, a Former U.S. State Department Strategist who resigned in protest of the wars in Afghanistan said, “Once the U.S. creates a dialogue of victory, the military action will continue whether or not it makes little social or fiscal sense.”

Many argue that military spending creates jobs, and that any cuts would actually hurt our economy. It is true that military spending creates jobs, but it may not be the wisest use of those dollars for job creation. A study by the Institute for Policy Studies calculated the number of jobs that could be created in several fields for one billion dollars. Only 8,555 jobs are created in the military by spending one billion dollars on job creation, as compared with 19,795 jobs by investing in mass transit, 17,687 jobs in education and 12,883 jobs in healthcare.

At this time of extreme economic insecurity we need to ask our government to fund priorities that will bring TRUE security of our country.



Ask your Member of Congress to stop funding war and destruction, and start funding job creation, NOW. Call 202-222-2222.