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Hector is a Dreamer and a volunteer with AFSC Iowa's Immigrants Voice Program. Here he describes what Deferred Action means for him and why volunteering is so important for developing leadership in the Latino community. 
Read more about the West Virginia Future Fund here. West Virginia is a state with vast natural resources—timber, oil, gas, and, most famously, coal. Those non-renewable resources are quickly disappearing and, with them, the hope for West Virginia's future unless we create a Future Fund—a mineral trust fund—to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Since the 1880s, much of West Virginia's wealth has left the state in railcars and trucks.
The Appalachian Center for Equality is dedicated to creating opportunities for young people to pursue their goals and a productive future by working and learning together. We accomplish this through interpersonal skill-building, college trips, and community engagement projects with the belief that together we can make our communities in southern West Virginia stronger and more vibrant for everyone. Video by AFSC intern Adrienne Miranda
In the summer of 1967, Carolyn McCoy was 12 years old and visiting Japan with her family. On Aug. 6, they visited Hiroshima, where they took part in memorial activities marking the 22nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city.  This digital story—created last month in an AFSC-led workshop at the Friends General Conference gathering—tells how the experience changed her life. The workshop

China's Rise

The American Friends Service Committee's Joseph Gerson discusses China's Rise at the March 13, 2012 Challenging the Pivot event in Cambridge, MA.

China's Economic Rise and Foreign Policy

American Friends Service Committee's Jason Tower at March 13, 2012 Challenging the Pivot event, Cambridge, MA.
The West Virginia Economic Justice Project works statewide on issues affecting low income and working families and engages in campaigns to gain or defend economic rights in support of economic justice for all people.
Direction and Camera by Hasibullah AsmatiEditing by Hamed AlizadaSound and Additional Camera by Zarah Sadat
This video of immigrants and advocates from around the country was created by Yanex, an intern with AFSC. It includes seven principles for immigration reform.