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Friends Ambulance Service in China

The British Friends had established the Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU) medical transport and relief services during World War I and revived it during the second World War. However, when Nazi occupation of Europe made such operations there impossible for noncombatants, the FAU shifted their attention to China. By 1942, 16 Americans joined 71 British, two Canadian and eight Chinese Quakers serving in the Friends Ambulance Unit in China.

France, 1940 - Child Feeding, La Rouviere


Retraining Coal Miners

A 14-minute black and white silent film shows how women from coal mining communities learned to weave and sew income-generating items, while the men learned to build hardwood furniture, also for sale.  The Mountaineer's Craftsmen Cooperative Association (MCCA) became the entity that sold Appalachian furniture and handcrafts. Read more about its history.

Relief Work in the West Virigina Coal Fields

A silent black and white film (19 min. 34 sec.) looks unflinchingly at work and living conditions, town life, family life, and child feeding. According to available public health reports the region, as many as 16 families shared one outhouse.

Archives: Friends Relief Mission in Russia

Silent, black and white footage of horse- and camel-drawn sleighs delivering food in snowy Russia during  the third year of a famine there, brought on by war, drought and outmoded farming practices. AFSC not only delivered food but also supplied horses, farm equipment and training.

Know Your Rights - Conozca Sus Derechos

SPANISH:El programa Voz de los Inmigrantes de Iowa, encontró útil este video para aquellas personas que necesitan esta información de manera urgente, aunque tanto en el video como nosotros, insistimos en la importancia de asistir a una presentación de “Conozca sus Derechos” dónde puede recibir más detalles de las tácticas más recientes de redadas y recursos en su comunidad. Por favor, por lo menos asegúrense de que todos en su familia vean este corto pero informativo video.

Katrina X trailer

AFSC's Peace by Piece (PxP) New Orleans intern Breial Kennedy collaborated with The Real News Network to collect stories of recovery by New Orleanians displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
AFSC is accepting submissions from filmmakers ages 23 and younger. Deadline: March 20, 2016. Ferguson. Gaza. Along the border between the U.S. and Mexico. In communities around the world, we see how militarism and policing affects everyday life. What do we need to Humanize not Militarize society? Tell us what you think:

AFSC Middle East: A Year in Review

Video highlights from AFSC Chicago’s Middle East Program in 2015, featuring its work and resources for the campaign, “Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a Child,” public education and advocacy to lift the siege on Gaza, and summer youth organizing internships.

Leftist Marching Band at "Stand with Refugees" rally