Wake and memorial service

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Michael McConnell

Photo of Michael McConnell and family

Family and friends celebrated the life of Michael McConnell on Friday, April 12, 2013, at Wellington Avenue Church of Christ in Chicago.

Michael served as peace minister at the church for 41 years and as regional director for AFSC for 23 years. A reception was held following the services. View the entire photo slideshow here.

Photos: Mama Nozipo Glenn and Jon Krieg


In the week following Michael McConnell's death, hundreds of his friends, loved ones, and longtime partners in social justice gathered together to remember him at a wake and memorial service in Chicago.

The memorial service was held at Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ, where Michael served as Associate Minister for Peacemaking for more than three decades.

Guests' condolences and remembrances

During the reception, guests shared via video their condolences and remembrances:


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