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Providence, RI

Providence, RI

South East New England Program
which half do you deport protest sign

AFSC-SENE works for comprehensive immigration reform.  The question of a 10 year old child a rally, “Which half of me will you deport?” reflects the fear that many families in our community live with.

Photo: AFSC / Martha Yager

AFSC-SENE works on two interwoven themes: peacebuilding and community justice.

Our peace work engages the people in southeastern New England to support the peaceful resolution of international conflicts. The program works to prevent and end military solutions to problems and supports changing the narrative towards building shared security. We also work for an end to U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. At the local level we offer trainings in nonviolent direct action and support local efforts for food security.

Our community justice work resists the militarization of our communities by supporting alternatives to military service, advocating to end racial profiling, and campaigning to defund military spending and increase funding for programs that meet human needs. We work with immigrants and immigrant-allied groups in pushing for just, humane, and comprehensive immigration reform.

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