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Acting in Faith

Boston immigrants rights march, 2010
By: Judy Goldberger
Published: April 26, 2013

Note: This post, a reflection on the immigrant rights march in Boston in 2010, was originally published in 2011 in The Crier, the newsletter of the NEYM Racial, Social, and Economic Justice Committee.

On May 1st AFSC is working with immigrant communities around the United States in organizing May Day rallies this year for immigrant rights and comprehensive immigration reform.  You can find...

By: Madeline Schaefer
Published: April 23, 2013

On March 26, I watched Facebook turn red as friend after friend switched their profile picture to a red and pink equal sign, a graphic first posted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in support of gay marriage during the Supreme Court’s ruling over the fate of California’s Proposition 8.

What followed on my newsfeed was not a string of peaceful “likes” and affirmative comments, but rather intense debate among liberals and progressives about the relevance of the HRC symbol...

Palestinian protest
By: Tory Smith
Published: April 19, 2013

Note: Tory Smith is an intern working for AFSC’s Wage Peace and Israel/Palestine programs. He is a Quaker. He presented this piece as part of a panel of faith-based activists at the Justice Conference hosted in Philadelphia in February.

In this post Tory explores the ways in which pacifism can be carried dogmatically without an authentic connection with the people most marginalized by a particular situation. He also explores how knowing a person’s story changes what you see, and that single incidents of violence are understood differently when you understand the...

Hearts in Boston by Brian D'Amico
By: Lucy Duncan
Published: April 17, 2013

“No more hurting people. Peace.”                                 -  Martin Richard, 8, killed at the Boston Marathon    bombings





The blast sends shock waves

Waves of fear, of anger, of confusion

Waves of caring, of love, of tenderness

Images of the explosions and of the bleeding cut to the heart

Who could do such a thing?


The day after the bombings, CNN runs ads for home security systems

“Don’t wait for someone to rob you, call now to make your house safe.”

Why waste the...

Paul Sheldon, Lockheed demonstration
By: Paul Sheldon
Published: April 15, 2013

Note: Today, tax day, Paul Sheldon, a Quaker peace activist, posted on Facebook that he has for several years underpaid his federal income taxes as a witness against war. I invited him to send us the letter he includes when he files his taxes and he sent it to me to be published here. The amount he excludes from his tax check in modest, $25, but he always includes a letter and feels that this witness is a small, but meaningful step, in opposing war. He invites others to join him in this witness, as led. - Lucy

For decades I have refused to pay a modest amount of my federal...