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U.S. Deficit Debate Is a Crime-Tax Day Demonstration

U.S. Deficit Debate Is a Crime-Tax Day Demonstration

Monday, April 15, 2013 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Photo: AFSC

Tax Day Demonstration

 The U.S. Deficit Debate is a Crime

Don’t be fooled by multi-national corporations, billionaires and groups like “Fix the Debt!” The deficit is a Trojan Horse used to attack social security, Medicare and other government services for the 99%

We're Not Broke!

We Don’t Need to Cut Social Security, Medicare and Human Needs Programs!

We need to:

  • Cut Pentagon Waste (The Pentagon budget has doubled in the past decade. It funds programs like the F-35 fighter that the Defense Department doesn’t want. It produces fewer jobs than investment in other sectors.)

  • Close Tax Loopholes & Create Policies Where All Pay Their Fair Share!

  • Invest In Jobs, Education And Our Future!

Join us for street theater – the bodies are falling – jobs, education, seniors… all victims of bad U.S. budget choices. It’s a crime scene- vigiling, leafleting and more.


Contact Information: 

American Friends Service Committee, KC Program, 816 931-5256


12th and Main Street
Kansas City , MO