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Profiteering on prisons: Online discussion with AFSC experts

Profiteering on prisons: Online discussion with AFSC experts

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 7:00pm

A Google Hangout on Air

No matter how private companies profit from prisons—detaining immigrants, needlessly expanding capacity, cutting quality—privatizing incarceration puts the pursuit of profits ahead of the needs of taxpayers, prisoners, and prison employees. It’s an impractical and immoral move. Yet many states and the federal government continue to rely on private companies to manage facilities.

In Profiteering on Prisons, a Google Hangout on Wednesday, July 17, our media director Alexis Moore will moderate a discussion with three AFSC experts who are taking on privatization in their states:

  • Arnie Alpert, New Hampshire program coordinator, whose coalition stopped New Hampshire from privatizing its prisons for the time being and is working for a permanent ban.
  • Caroline Isaacs, Arizona program director, whose research and mobilization against for-profit prisons in Arizona has put her at the forefront of the movement to stop prison privatization.
  • Natalie Holbrook, director of AFSC’s criminal justice program in Michigan, who is currently working to stop further privatization of prison services and the privatization of a full prison in Michigan.

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