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Saturday, April 5, 2014 - 5:00pm

We are expecting to have some interesting speakers--including featured guest journalist/author/historian Paul Street-- giving their take on the current state of the oligarchy and our desperate need for a more direct, participatory form of democracy here in the U.S. It's not a hard argument to make considering the pathetic performance of elected "representatives" since WWI. Yes, since about the turn of the century. There was a bit of a hopeful Progressive Era, but it did not last long and any gains the people made were eventually wiped out by crony capitalism and corporate lobbying. Come by Multikulti on April 5th and learn about practically the only genuine hope we have not just for a promising future but any future at all, considering greed-driven climate change. We look forward to seeing you there, where you can meet some like-minded folks.


1000 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago , IL