AFSC staff and allies share remembrances of Michael McConnell

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Former and current staff, committee members, and AFSC allies share their memories of Michael McConnell.

The outpouring of love and appreciation for Michael McConnell’s life is seen in these written remembrances of Michael. Here is a sampling:

"Michael is still with us working just as hard as usual." -Mama Nozipo Glenn, AFSC Midwest Executive Committee and President of the Miami Valley African Organization in Dayton

"Michael was a source of inspiration for me. I'll never forget a presentation Michael gave on the war on terror and the human costs abroad and right here in our communities. That one talk changed the lens through which I see local consequences to war and my organizing focus and approach in Atlanta. If I could say something to Michael right now, I'd say, 'The far and wide impact you've left in your wake in not measurable. Thank you for helping me be a better organizer, Michael. You are loved and will be missed by many.'" -Tim Franzen, AFSC Atlanta Peacebuilding Program

"It is still hard to accept that Michael is gone. But I am a firm believer that the soul never dies. His soul is no longer on earth, but Michael did so much good on this earth that his soul is undoubtedly in a better place." -Shirien Damra, AFSC Middle East Program Associate

Video remembrances from Midwest staff 

Created Date: 
Apr 17, 2013

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