Undocumented Immigrants

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Undocumented and unafraid

Maria Cruz

speaking at a mural unveiling

Maria Cruz emcees a mural unveiling event in Oakland, Calif.’s Fruitvale Village.

Culture change and reclamation usually precede political change, and that’s one reason why undocumented immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area have decided to tell their stories publicly. They stand to lose a lot by doing so—but they have much more to gain by claiming their power and shifting the narrative.

Just Friends: Students Consider the Challenges of Living Without Documentation

AFSC Colorado has recently been involved in several presentations and interactive workshops on immigration at Regis University in Denver.  Gabriela Flora, AFSC Project Voice Regional Organizer, was on a panel with our newest AFSC Colorado Area Program Committee member, Tania Valenzuela, one of two undocumented Regis students who shared their stories and challenged the university, students and community at large to become more involved.

Here is the link to the article on the panel that was on the front page of Regis’ weekly newspaper:

Reflections on "Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth"

By Jon Krieg

Adolescence is hard enough under the best of circumstances. Peer pressure, family conflicts, acne – these and other stimuli make high school graduation a joy for most of us.

But for undocumented students, the final two years of high school can be especially bittersweet. Although the U.S. Supreme Court guarantees access to K-12 public education for all children, regardless of immigration status, education and work prospects for undocumented youth after high school are very often limited. Even getting a driver’s license is out of the question.

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