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Acting with Open Hearts

Earlier this week I wrote to you with reflections on the challenges facing us as we face how to live in these times.  Now I write to you with a specific ask:  AFSC is calling on us all to call on our senators to ask them to say no the the initiative the House has already passed to shut the door to Syrian and Iraqi refugees.  

This legislation will not make anyone safer. Instead, it will close the door on refugees when they are most in need and fleeing extreme violence and insecurity.

Infographic: Syrian refugee crisis and its impact on the Middle East

Vulnerabilities are growing as the Middle East region strains to absorb displaced Syrians. AFSC encourages governments to support the UN call for humanitarian relief funding for displaced Syrians.

In overcrowded Gaza Strip, displaced refugees yearn to return home

The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, where 1.7 million Palestinians live on 139 square miles. More than half of the population is constituted of refugees, who in 1948 fled or were expelled from their origi­­nal homes in what is now Israel, to find themselves on an unfamiliar territory that was not originally their own.

Palestinian refugees and the right of return

Approximately 750,000 Palestinians were displaced and became refugees as a result of the 1948 war. Today there are more than 7 million Palestinian refugees scattered around the world. This paper provides background information on the history of the Palestinian refugee issue and the politics of the right of return.    

Young Syrian woman talks about life as a refugee

Darayya highlighted in Damascus

Lama's home is in the Darayya district of Damascus, Syria.

Lama Darayya is a Syrian refugee currently living in Turkey. Five months ago, she was forced to flee her hometown of Darayya in the Damascus district because it was no longer safe for her to stay.

Like over 2 million people still in Syria but displaced from their homes because of the violence, Lama had already fled her home with her family three times before she crossed the border toward neighboring Lebanon. It was exasperating for her to flee for a fourth time.

AFSC hails Dayton’s national award for immigrant work

Award showcases city’s planning, partnership with immigrant allies

PHILADELPHIA (July 1, 2013) - The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) congratulates Dayton, OH on its “Outstanding Achievement” award recognizing its Welcome Dayton immigrant friendly city initiative. The U.S. Conference of Mayors recognizes mayoral leadership in developing and implementing programs that improve the quality of life in America’s cities.

Hannah and her Sherriff - a refugee mother and son reunited in Iowa

In recognition of World Refugee Day on June 20, and in honor of the thousands of refugees who now call Iowa home, AFSC Iowa’s Immigrants Voice Program (IVP) presents this four-minute video of one mother and son, reunited after 14 years of being apart.

An introduction to AFSC's work with refugees in Dayton

In this two-minute video, Migwe Kimemia, AFSC Program Director, describes AFSC's work with the refugee community in Dayton.

Conference lifts up needs, voices of refugees in Dayton

Something good is brewing in Dayton.

A recent conference on refugees there asked, What strengths do refugees bring to our communities? What challenges do they face, and what is their vision for the future?

AFSC Work In France 1942

AFSC work in France 1942

Film showing American Friends Service Committee work in France during World War II. Howard Kershner, director of the program provides explanation of the work and where Quaker programs were established. Includes footage of feeding programs and children's colonies in France. Featured is footage of the La Rouviere Children's Colony located outside Marseille, France.

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