North Korea

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Strawberries in winter: AFSC's program in North Korea

When you ask yourself who holds the keys to world peace, you may not think of farmers. But in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK or North Korea), where bad weather makes crops hard to grow and political isolation makes help hard to come by, a farmer’s success can make a world of difference.

Linda Lewis, director of the American Friends Service Committee’s (AFSC) DPRK program, traveled to North Korea in the wake of political tensions this spring. Hers was the first American group to visit in some time, and our farm partners expressed joy that she still came.

A walk in Pyongyang

AFSC's Linda Lewis shares photos from the day in May 2013 she spent seeing the sights in Pyongyang, DPRK (North Korea), where people were out rollerblading, playing cards, and boating in the Taedong River.

Bringing sustainable farming, farmers together in China

Five farm managers from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and one U.S. farmer—Don Bustos of AFSC’s New Mexico program—joined AFSC staff and partners in northeast China in August, where they visited  research facilities as well as conventional and organic farms to explore sustainable farming techniques that could be adapted on their own farms.

Linda Lewis, AFSC’s country representative for China and the DPRK and Zhang Jin, program assistant for training, coordinated and accompanied the tour.

Improving Rice Production in North Korea (DPRK)

Given the short growing season in DPRK, farm managers have introduced techniques that help with rice cultivation. These systems of rice intensification are meant to get the most out of each rice seed, increasing yields.

Letter to Kurt Campbell on Food Aid to North Korea

On August 11, 2011, AFSC wrote letter to Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, urging the United States to join the World Food Programme's effort to feed North Koreans as they go through the worst food crisis in the last 15 years. AFSC has a long history of supporting the people of North Korea as they struggle for basic survivial.

DPRK Agricultural Program

AFSC Country Rep WuNa visiting experimental rice fields at Ku-up co-op farm.

AFSC Country Representative WuNa  visiting experimental rice fields at Ku-up cooperative farm.

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