African Immigrants

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Dayton forum promotes conflict-free trade principles

How we spend our money matters. Our dollars can promote peace and prosperity, or unintentionally contribute to great suffering.

Mama Nozipo Glenn on activism with AFSC

In this eight-minute video, Mama Nozipo Glenn of Dayton, Ohio talks about growing up in Apartheid South Africa and her 38-year relationship with AFSC.

Mama Nozipo currently serves on AFSC's Midwest Region Executive Committee and the board of the Harambee Coffee Roasters Cooperative. She is also president of the Miami Valley African Organization.

Cooperation, fairer trade brewing in Dayton

In July 2013, AFSC's Midwest Regional Executive Committee and several senior AFSC staff traveled to Dayton, Ohio to learn more about AFSC's work in promoting the Welcome Dayton Plan and supporting the Harambee Coffee Roasters Cooperative.

In this three-minute video, Jackson Nsilulu describes the reasons for the cooperative and the values which support it.

Coffee co-op advances in Dayton

In Swahili, “harambee” means pulling together or standing in solidarity or sharing resources for community building.

In Dayton, Harambee is also the name of a fair-trade coffee roasting co-op supporting African refugees and African coffee growers. The AFSC-supported co-op took another important step forward recently when the Ohio Secretary of State officially approved the co-op’s registration.

Open for business

Hubert Matumaini

Hubert Matumaini

Hubert Matumaini

Hubert Matumaini sees a problem that needs solving in Dayton, his home of 13 years: the language barrier. He’s already bridging it in certain settings. A leader in Dayton’s Burundian community, he coordinates the public schools’ welcome center, offering classes in English as a second language to new students and their parents.

Now, with entrepreneurship training from AFSC, he is starting a translation business to help African immigrants carry out critical conversations in doctors’ offices, school systems, and courts, where miscommunication could lead to serious damage.

Conference lifts up needs, voices of refugees in Dayton

Something good is brewing in Dayton.

A recent conference on refugees there asked, What strengths do refugees bring to our communities? What challenges do they face, and what is their vision for the future?

Celebrating the Life and Dreams of Immigrants & Refugees

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 9:00am - Sunday, August 26, 2012 - 7:00pm

photos by Naima Abdullahi

photo by Naima Abdullahi

July 26-August 26 – “Here & Now” An Art Exhibit by Refugee and Immigrant Artists living in Atlanta. Featuring work by Naima Abdullahi, Omar Alsaraj, Tekie Gebremichael , and Jit Rai

Migwe Kimemia's Journey with AFSC

After a multi-year campaign highlighting the positive contributions of immigrants and refugees to the Greater Dayton, Ohio community, the city made history recently by unanimously approving a comprehensive “Welcome Dayton” plan. Dayton officials say the plan focuses on making the community “one that treats all people kindly, fairly and humanely,” as Mayor Gary Leitzell put it.

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