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Getting Ready to Join WebEx Meetings

In this Star Clip we would like to familiarize you with the WebEx set-up process by walking you through everything you'll need to know to get connected to your WebEx meeting.

IHTD 2015

AFSC PA's Racial Justice through Human Rights youth group created this video for the If I Had a Trillion Dollars film festival about how raising the minimum wage would support low wage workers. AFSC PA partnered with Pittsburgh's Fight for $15 for this video.
Residents of one community in Guatemala City have transformed a dangerous, abandoned lot into a multi-purpose space that’s bringing people together and helping to make the neighborhood safer. With AFSC’s support, the 14 de Octubre (October 14) sports field project turned a ravine full of garbage into a soccer field that’s also used for community meetings and events. The project was initiated by residents concerned that the ravine was a breeding ground for drug use and criminal activity.

They See Me, I See me: St. Louis Youth Share How They Are Perceived By the Criminal Justice System

What do students in St. Louis have to say about how the criminal justice system sees them?

5 Years of Move to Amend in Ohio

To mark the 5th anniversary of the Citizens United decision.  VIDEO: 5 Years of Move to Amend in Ohio    Produced by: Hannah Yackley, current John Looney intern  

Maureen Farris, NE Ohio intern

Maureen Farris, a former intern with AFSC's Economic and Political Justice Program in Northeast Ohio, talks about her current work as a teacher and what she learned from her work with AFSC.

Vicktoria Lariche, NE Ohio intern

Vicktoria Lariche, an intern with AFSC's Economic and Political Justice Program in Northeast Ohio, shares about her experience with AFSC.

Move the Money - Transformers Video

Check out this Move the Money video created by Debbie Southorn of AFSC Chicago. In April 2014, young people from across the country demonstrated in Washington, DC because they want to fund programs in their communities. They demand money for homes, schools, community centers and green technology instead of warfare and weapons. Feed people, not the Pentagon. As the young people say, “We are unstoppable, another world is possible.”
Militarization is one aspect of Israeli society that AFSC is trying to challenge through its Israel Program. Israel Social TV, which works to promote social change and rights tries to mobilize its viewers towards activism and a more democratic society.