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A film which has been produced by a group of Australian journalists has sparked an international outcry against Israel after it explicitly detailed Tel Aviv's use of torture against Palestinian children.

The film, titled ‘Stone Cold Justice,’ documents how Palestinian children, who have been arrested and detained by Israeli forces, are subjected to physical abuse, torture and forced into false confessions and pushed into gathering intelligence on Palestinian activists. Australia's foreign minister Julie Bishop has spoken out against Israeli's use of torture stating that “I am deeply concerned by allegations of the mistreatment of Palestinian children,” Israel's Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor has described the human rights abuses documented in the film as “intolerable.”

But rights groups have slammed this statement, saying that the Israelis are doing nothing to change Tel Aviv's policy to torture Palestinian children. Last year a report by the United Nations International Emergency Children's Fund or UNICEF concluded that Palestinian children are often targeted in night arrests and raids of their homes, threatened with death and subjected to physical violence, solitary confinement and sexual assault. The film Stone Cold Justice has sparked an international outcry about Israel's treatment of children in Israeli jails. However, rights groups have criticized Tel Aviv for not doing anything to create a policy that protects Palestinian children against arbitrary arrest and torture.

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Defence for Children International-Palestine Section (DCI) has produced this short film about Israel's ill-treatment of Palestinian children during their arrest, transfer and detention. "Alone: Palestinian Children in the Israeli Military Detention System" contains images of children who found the courage to talk about the appalling treatment.

For example, 14-year-old Ala tells how he was handcuffed and blindfolded during his arrest. "They [Israeli soldiers] put me in the jeep and transferred me to Etzion interrogation center. The interrogator told me to say goodbye to my friend Muhannad, because he was going to throw me from the third floor. No one was there to protect me. No one was with me. I was alone."

Since 2000, around 7,500 Palestinian children from the occupied Palestinian territories have been detained, interrogated and imprisoned within the Israeli military law system. The film also presents basic information and the impact of their arrest and detention on families.

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Published on Mar 20, 2013

B'Tselem this morning urgently contacted the Army's Legal Advisor for Judea and Samaria, demanding his emergency intervention regarding the detention of numerous children, including some as young as 8 to 10 years old, by the Israeli military this morning in Hebron. Preliminary information received this morning indicates that Soldiers detained or arrested over twenty minors on their way to school. About ten of them were released. The video was filmed by an international activist.

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A Palestinian boy, with his hands cuffed and held above his head, is  forced to stand beside the Israeli soldiers, who later start firing on Palestinian protesters.

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Gerard Horton from Military Court Watch and Salwa Duaibis of Women’s Legal Aid describe Israeli collective punishment and mass arrests in the Occupied West Bank.

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On 6 April, 2015 in the midst of the Passover holidays, dozens of members of the Israeli refusers movement and their supporters gathered at Tel Hashomer military base, near Tel Aviv. They gathered to escort conscientious objector Edo Ramon as he turned himself in for his refusal to serve in the Israel military. This would be his second sentence for his refusal.

Edo was to join refusers Yehiel Nahmani and Efi Droshner, currently imprisoned for the same reasons.

Yaron Kaplan is a 21 year old Israeli who served in the military for the past two years. Now, he refuses to continue his military service so he was also present at this protest. He is likely to be imprisoned in the coming few weeks. They are ready to pay a personal price for the public good.

In his declaration of refusal, Yaron wrote:

“I believe that in order to break this cycle of violence, we must reach out to the Palestinians, acknowledge their pain, and let them live in freedom and dignity.

I believe that the military control over the Palestinians does not enable true dialogue; it only creates more hatred and suffering, and deepens the circle of pain and grief.

My choice not to continue my military service, is my way to break that vicious cycle, and it is one of multiple actions that I take in order to create peace in people's hearts and minds.

I love my country. This action that I take comes from the purest concern and care for its future. I deeply desire that the Jewish people will be able to live in peace, prosperity and safety, in their homeland.

It is clear to me that in order to accomplish this, I must ensure that the Palestinians, which this is also their homeland, will be able to live in peace, prosperity and safety, as well”.

Through its Israel Program, AFSC tries to create spaces where activists can challenge occupation, oppression, and inequality. These young Israelis become more aware of the effect of militarism on their lives and are ready to challenge it. AFSC’s Israel Program coordinator, Sahar Vardi, took a small footage of this protest.

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Join us for Peace and Planet, a mobilization to build a nuclear-free, peaceful, just, and sustainable world!
April 24-26, New York City.

Nuclear abolition connects deeply with struggles to end and prevent wars, increase peace, and achieve economic and environmental justice in our local communities and around the world. Learn more and get involved!

More than one hundred organizations have endorsed the mobilization.


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