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AFSC intern Kelsey McNicholas shares her experience working on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Oakland-based "67 Sueños Collective" ("67 Dreams," after the 67 percent of young people who would not be affected by the DREAM Act) holds monthly encounters or "Encuentros" with undocumented youth from across the Bay Area.

The focus is to build solidarity, and to record their testimonies/stories in hopes to build awareness about the issues they face and to bear witness to their American experience.

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Reflections from the Windows and Mirrors exhibit in North Carolina.

AFSC's Peter Martel debates Michigan State Representative, Anthony Forlini on whether or not inmates should pay sales tax.

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Four Students from Guilford College's Center for Principled Problem Solving worked with trained AFSC staff to learn about digital Storytelling. Students interviewed immigrant peers and family to produce immigrant films. The featured film is by Sara Hussein.


To view all the student films visit our YouTube page here

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Mojeeb Nazeri, a local student from Afghanistan involved in interfaith work, tells a digital story about his life in the United States after the September 11 attack.

About Student Stories

AFSC in North Carolina worked with four students from Guilford College Center for Principle Problem Solving to raise awareness about immigration by creating digital stories about friends' and family's experiences.

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Malachi Gibson tells how and why he left the Marines.

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The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)’s NC Immigrant Rights Program has as one of its main goals to lift up the voices of immigrants to the broader public. Through Storyology: Digital Storytelling by Immigrants and Refugees, AFSC empowered immigrants and refugees by imparting new digital literacy skills, lifted up immigrant stories to share with and educate the public, and also built a community of many cultures within the class.  At the end of the class, each student produced a truly impressive work of art, in the form of a 2-4 minute digital story, with the student narrating her/his journey, with background music, and images chosen (and sometimes photographed) by the students themselves.  

To view all the student's stories click here

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This is a Truman State University news station video about the AFSC Peace Fellows bringing AFSC's Eyes Wide Open exhibit to campus in Kirksville, Missouri. The effort is coordinated by AFSC's office in Kansas City.

(Click story titles for English or Maay Maay version of videos to play)


Slave StatueSomali Bantus Struggle for Freedom
Somali Bantus' legacy of slavery and persecution in Somalia

Halgenki hurnimada ee Somali Bantu 
Taariiktii addonsiga ee Somali Bantu iyo sahariirkii waddanka Somalia gudaashe

Somali Bantu Stories


Mohamed IfitnOur Stolen Land and Identity
Government's role in displacing thousands of farmers.

Dhulkii nu noogadi iyo dhalashadi ni niin diidi
Doorkii dawlada oo baraki, inta kumaankun beeraley

Bali IfitnThe memory of my dad won't blow out of my mind
Abduction and murder of a family member.

Hasuusti awkay wilishe maskahday makabahasa
Afduub iyo dilka hibnaha gooska kamid-eh

Ibrahim IftinEndless Discrimination
 Discrimination in a refugee camp.

Midibtakoor indhamadanne
Midibtakoorkii hirrida gahootiga gudaashe

Iftin IftinHunger for education, but police on my feet
Facing police brutality in Baltimore.

Baahadi walbarashada laakiin booliisoo lukta Inka-rooga
Lukulunkii adowtinimada boliistii Baltimore gudaashe

Muna BashirMy challenge
Challenges with the Department of Social Services in Baltimore.

Dhibaatadii lukulukulumi laanta adeegga bulshida Baltimore gudaashe

AFSC Staff Stories


Ruben ChandrasekarMy life. My work
Ruben Chandrasekar, Former Program Director (Project Voice - Middle Atlantic Region)
My life as an immigrant leads to work on immigrant/refugee rights



Janelle AsieduInspiration for my Voice
Janelle Asiedu, Former Intern, Project Voice (Middle Atlantic Region)
How I became inspired to work with issues on immigration.



See Flickr credits for these stories.

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