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"If I Had a Trillion Dollars: Greensboro, NC"

AFSC Carolinas

Julie Bauer, Jessica Langley & Jihye Choi

Greensboro, NC

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"If I Had a Trillion Dollars"

Miami Edison Art Club

Miami, FL

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Students from New York City, Milo Booke and Gabriel Day-Lewis advocate for the homeless.

See more official selections from the 2nd Annual "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" Youth Film Festival.

"Homeless Advocacy Video - If I Had a Trillion Dollars"

Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School

Milo Booke and Gabriel Day-Lewis

New York, NY

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"Pushing the Envelope"

Deep River and First Friends Meetings Youth Groups

Greensboro, NC

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"Love Is Louder Than Guns"

AFSC Portland

Robert Khasho, Indasia Summerfield, Jessica Valdefiera, Christopher Luchini & Scott Nguyen.

Featuring music by Mic Crenshaw feat. Jana Losey and toy soldiers by IVAW-Oregon.

Portland, OR


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"What If..."

Olney Friends School

Bojana Nesovic, Surya Castillo, Galatea Kurtz

Barnesville, OH

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"If I Had a Trillion Dollars"

Free Spirit Media

Justin Johnson & Sierra Jackson

Chicago, IL

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"Bresee IHTD Video"

Bresee Community Center

Yetsy Sanchez, Marisol Deleon, Ivette Perez, Jessica Chavez, Gisele Florian & Yasmin Texpan

Los Angeles, CA

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"If I Had a Trillion Dollars: Chicago"

AFSC Summer Institute

Darrin Thomas and Bishnu Poudyel

Chicago, IL

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This video was produced by the Carpenters Union to publicize unjust treatment of workers in Durham, NH. 

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