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Intro to Twin Cities Healing Justice Program

Sharon Goens, director of the Twin Cities Healing Justice Program, describes AFSC's new work for justice in Minnesota.

Introduction to AFSC's work in Dayton

In this two-minute video, Migwe Kimemia, AFSC Program Director, describes AFSC's work with the refugee community in Dayton.

Building a Space to Work

In Hatcliffe Extension, near Harare, Zimbabwe, participants in AFSC's Livelihoods Restoration Project have developed skills in carpentry, welding, sewing, and peanut butter making, through which they can begin to support themselves. However, they have found that working from their homes is very limiting. They are now struggling to create their own community workspace—a factory shell—to house their enterprises.

From Seamstress to Chicken Farmer

AFSC's Livelihoods Restoration Program has encouraged participants to think creatively about economic and social development. Maria Mahari joined the sewing group and has since started raising chickens, which helps feed her family and provides her with a steady income. Learn more about AFSC's work in Zimbabwe.

Homes and Skills for the Displaced

In Zimbabwe, AFSC works to enhance the livelihoods of those living precariously in displaced communities. We work with the most vulnerable—women, people with disabilities, adults with HIV/AIDS, and those caring for orphan children—to offer training and start-up funds to gain economic self-sufficiency. Learn more about AFSC's work in Zimbabwe.

Digital Storytelling Putri Pamela Powell

Putri Pamela Powell is one of the Youth Cultural Media Project interns in AFSC's Greensboro, N.C., office. Watch the meaningful short digital story she created reflecting on her journey from Indonesia and her understanding of herself as a Muslim young woman.

Fiscal Cliff on Trial, Witnesses on Corporate Abuses

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Forum- Testimony by Mary Lindsay, KC Move to Amend coordinator, addressed corporate abuses of power and budget and tax policy. The event, organized by AFSC and co-sponsored by  Jobs Now, UMKC Economics Club and National Lawyers Guild, Occupy KC, Move to Amend, and PeaceWorks KC, took place on Saturday, Dec. 1, at the University of Missouri, KCMO.

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Verdict, Dave Pack

Board member, renders his verdict of the fiscal cliff and its perpetrators, commenting, "In study after study, it has been shown that a billion dollars of U.S. spending on the military produces much fewer jobs than a billion dollars in spending almost anywhere else." He analyzed excessive military spending and cuts and conversions which can be made without decreasing national security while increasing employment.

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Verdict, Dave Kingsley

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Forum- David Kingsley, PhD., KU Medical School and Convener of KS & MO Gray Panthers, renders his verdict of the fiscal cliff and its perpetrators, commenting, "We don't have a fiscal crisis. We have a moral crisis." He discussed the consequences of proposed cuts to Medicare, social security, and the social safety net and the impact on our community.

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Vertict, Prof June Carbone

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Forum- UMKC Prof. of Law June Carbone renders her verdict of the fiscal cliff and its perpetrators, commenting, " The real issue is inequality. We are creating a society of elephant seals." She discussed the imbalance and inequity of our tax system and the moral and practical question it consequences it causes.  The event, organized by the KC Program of the American Friends Service Committee, took place on Saturday, December 1 at the University of Missouri, KCMO.