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AFSC Iowa's Immigrants Voice Program participants have created this Spanish-language video encouraging people to vote for the issues they care about.

40 Years a Prisoner

On July 22, 2014, T.J. Spytma was released from prison in Michigan after serving 40 years. Four days later, in this four-minute video, T.J. describes the parole process in Michigan and why AFSC's Parole Readiness Workshops are so important. His remarks were addressed to AFSC's Midwest Regional Executive Committee meeting at Quaker House in Ann Arbor.

Whose Budget Is It Anyway?

Slideshow about national priorities. 

Automated Air War

Slideshow about the air war in Vietnam.

Acceptable Risk

Slideshow about the hazards of nuclear technology.
MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes talks with AFSC's Raed Jarrar.

Iraq and Syria: What Next? (Google Hangout)

Analysis and insights into the fast-moving events in Iraq and Syria. Also watch: MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes talks with AFSC's Raed Jarrar.

Getting candidates’ stance on corporate influence in government

Addy Simwerayi, intern with AFSC in New Hampshire, talks about how bird-dogging works.

An Interview with Laura Magnani

In this interview, the Healing Justice Program Director Laura Magnani discusses the book she co-authored called Beyond Prisons: A New Interfaith Paradigm for Our Failed Prison System.

67 Sueños: Black and Brown Unity Mural