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Hiroshima Summer

Hiroshima Summer

In the summer of 1967, Carolyn McCoy was 12 years old and visiting Japan with her family. On Aug. 6, they visited Hiroshima, where they took part in memorial activities marking the 22nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city. 

This digital story—created last month in an AFSC-led workshop at the Friends General Conference gathering—tells how the experience changed her life.

The workshop

At the FGC gathering this summer, AFSC’s Lori Fernald Khamala, Project Voice Program Director in North Carolina, and Tony Heriza, Director of Educational Outreach, led a digital storytelling workshop called “Using Technology to Tell Stories of Spirit and Struggle,” in which an intergenerational group of participants created short videos about their spiritual journeys and political concerns. Carolyn’s story is the first to be shared online. Others will follow.