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An Animated Trillion Dollar Alphabet

An Animated Trillion Dollar Alphabet

"An Animated Trillion Dollar Alphabet" short version (3:00)

Sixth grade students in Charlestown, Mass., designed and animated this short video.

Starting with the idea that "the United States government spends $3.55 trillion a year, and a trillion dollars is a lot of money," students chose objects to animate, while asking, "How many of these items can you buy with $1 trillion?" Creating the hand-drawn animation (which originated entirely on flipbooks) got students thinking about the U.S. government budget, and what each one would buy if they had a trillion dollars.

This is one of 25 official selections for the third annual "If I Had a Trillion Dollars" youth film festival, which asks young people to speak out on the federal budget via short videos that answer the question “what would you do with $1 trillion—for yourself, your family, and your community.” The youth are asked to consider the $1 trillion spent yearly on the U.S. military; the $1 trillion spent on the wars abroad, and the $1 trillion plus in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.