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2011 Program Highlights from Shan Cretin

2011 Program Highlights from Shan Cretin

At AFSC we believe that to have peace, we have to have justice. Through the Arab Spring and the emergence of the Occupy Movement we have seen a groundswell for support of the idea that justice includes economic issues, not just legal ones.  In the videos below, General Secretary Shan Cretin talks about AFSC's work for economic justice through support for local opportunities around the world.

Occupy Movement

As Occupy Wall Street grew into the larger Occupy Movement, AFSC offices across the US provided support and trainings when asked by local groups.  We are excited by this powerful nonviolent witness against economic injustice.


In Africa, AFSC works with local communities as they develop opportunities to improve their economies, and take control of their futures.  Here, Shan Cretin talks about her visit to the Hatcliffe Extension in Harare, Zimbabwe, and AFSC's support for progress in that community.

New Mexico

In New Mexico, AFSC works with small farmers to create food security and economic opportunity. Now small organic farms are producing food for growers and for sale at local farm stands. And they are also providing organic vegetables to local public schools.