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Youth Videos

Youth Videos

Published: November 28, 2011
Youth at counter recruitment conference

Youth at Counter Recruitment Conference.

Photo: AFSC / Terry Foss

At AFSC, we know that the youth of this nation and those around the world are often the inspiration for social movements and the catalysts of change. With fearlessness and boundless energy, participants in our programs for teens and young adults share with us their visions for the world they want to inherit as they guide us in how to achieve it.

ihtd youth visit DCThe top winners in AFSC's "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" contest won a trip to Washington, DC. They showed their videos on Capitol Hill, while visiting their Congressional representatives they lobbied to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to free federal dollars for other priorities. Watch the video.
View the winning videos from "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" contest

popular youth achievment programYouth from across East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza play active roles to address issues such as the participation of women in social life and organizations, child labor in rural areas, lack of infrastructure, and the need for community spaces for youth. Watch the video.

Occupy WVALast Best Option, is a short documentary produced by Georgia State University students Kristy Breneman, T.J. Hicks, Victoria Temple, and Kristan Woolford, collaboratting with AFSC's Student Career Alternatives Program (SCAP) and GSU's Peripheral Visions lab. Watch the video.

pittsburgh human rights learning groupIn Pittsburgh,  racially, economically and geographically diverse group of thirteen youth explored racial justice through a human rights lens. Through their efforts, on April 19th 2011, Pittsburgh became the 5th Human Rights City in the world. Watch the video.