To help immigrants share their experiences and perspectives, AFSC provides training and support in new storytelling technologies. 


Immigrants of all ages and from many countries have participated in AFSC’s “Storyology” workshops in North Carolina. In this video, Siem Yohanes tells the searing tale of his journey from Eritrea to the United States: 

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67 Sueños

The youth-led collective 67 Sueños in Oakland, Calif., made this video to lift the voices of undocumented youth missing from the national debates: 

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Digital storytelling

Several AFSC offices have worked with the Center for Digital Storytelling to provide digital storytelling training for constituents. In Denver, Colo., a recent workshop included both immigrants and their allies. Alicia Ramirez told of her immigrant history–lost and reclaimed: 

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Digital stories from Somali Bantu refugees in Baltimore